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The Cookie Bar started as a quest to find the best tasting cookie. After endless baking sessions in our kitchen and sharing batches with our coworkers (who soon wanted to pay us for more) it hit us like a sprinkle-covered revelation: we had stumbled upon something truly great!
It didn’t take long before we decided to quit our careers and go all-in on this dream. We launched our first store in Colleyville, TX in 2024 with plans for global cookie domination.
We hope you have a little sugar and a lot of fun at The Cookie Bar as we bake your dreams come true.
Sarah and Kyle
Founders and Cookie Critics
If you are like us, cookies are a love language. They are a part of our celebrations, memories, and child hoods. They are memory-reminding, smile-inducing, and crave-fulfilling. They are a canvas to create and dream.
Our cookies are made from high-quality ingredients and customizable with over 1000 combinations of frostings, toppings, drizzles, and more. The possibilities are limitless.